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St George Lighthouse Museum Gets Fresnel Lens

We here on SGI who are members of the SGI Lighthouse Association are extremely excited about the recent acquisition and installation of the third order Fresnel lens which is a replica of the one that operated in our Lighthouse! Click on the link below to watch the installation.
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SINGLE FAMILY HOMES IN FRANKLIN COUNTY The 4th Quarter in 2015 showed marked improvement over 4th Quarter 2014!  Closed sales were up 75.6% from 45 to 79!   Median sales price was up 10.8% from $218,750 to $242,375!   Average Days On Market were down to 141 from 151 last year.  Inventory was down to 247 from 274 last year. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THE FULL DETAILS http://www.rafgc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Franklin-County_Single-Family-Homes_2015-Q4_Detail.pdf   These are very encouraging statistics and should instill a greater degree of confidence in our real estate market.   It might be time to get off of the fence!
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St. George Island/Franklin County 4th Qtr 2015 Real Estate News

SINGLE FAMILY HOMES IN FRANKLIN COUNTY The 4th Quarter in 2015 showed marked improvement over 4th Quarter 2014! Closed sales were up 75.6% from 45 t0 79!  Median sales price was up 10.8% from $218,750 to $242,375!  Average Days On Market were down to 141 from 151 last year. Inventory was down to 247 from 274 last year. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL DETAILS These Statistics are very encouraging and should instill a greater degree of confidence in our real estate market. If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate on the Forgotten Coast, now is the time to contact me. steve@stevesisland.com  
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Latest Newsletter About Real Estate on St. George Island and the Forgotten Coast

Click Here for my latest newsletter about real estate on St. George Island and the Forgotten Coast of Florida.
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St. George Island Florida Real Estate News

St. George Island Florida Real Estate News: The Housing Market on the Forgotten Coast of Florida is strong and getting stronger. Closed sales of single family homes were up 7.2% over the 3rd Quarter 2014! Median Days on Market were down 41.9% (160-93). This is major news for St. George Island, FL and the surrounding area that is known as the Forgotten Coast of Florida. Here is a link to all of the available statistics from the Realtors’ Association of Franklin County and Gulf County on the Forgotten Coast. http://www.rafgc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Franklin-County_Single-Family-Homes_2015-Q3_Detail.pdf  
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Testimonial from recent Buyer customer!

Below is a testimonial from a recent Buyer customer who is actively investing in St. George Island real estate and intends to retire here someday.   “We have been working with Steve Harris for well over a year looking for a retirement property on St. George Island (SGI). After narrowing our search to The Plantation we put our trust in Steve that he would find us the right property. Steve’s knowledge of the Island, and more specifically of The Plantation”, is second to none. Steve directed us to several potential properties and we made offers on a few of them. I quickly learned that sellers are on SGI are not what I had experienced elsewhere. Through Steve’s calm and reassurance style, he kept us positive and optimistic that the right property would come our way. I am very pleased to say that Steve was right. Thanks to Steve Harris we are now proud owners of a property on The Plantation. We are now working with Steve Harris to purchase a second property as an investment property. If you need a realtor on SGI, you MUST call Steve Harris! He is the best. Thanks Steve!” The Magaldi Family
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It’s ‘Turtle Time’ on St. George Island

It’s ‘Turtle Time’ on St. George Island. Between May 1st and October 31st a migration of female sea turtles come to our shores to dig nests and lay their precious eggs deep within the white sands of St. George Island. Residents and visitors alike to the island are privileged to share in this wonder of nature. Did you know: Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures. They have been around for 110  million years, since the time of the dinosaurs. Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water. Sea turtles, like salmon, will return to the same nesting grounds where they were hatched. It can take between 5 and 50 years for a sea turtle to reach reproductive maturity, depending on the species. Sea turtles spend their entire lives at sea, except when adult females come ashore to lay eggs every 2 to 5 years. Most female sea turtles will nest at least twice during each mating season; some may build a nest and lay eggs up to ten times in a season. Most sea turtles undergo long migrations, some as far as 1400 miles, between where they feed and the beaches where they nest. Just […]
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Harbor Restoration for St. George Island

Some of you may remember the good ole days between 1953 and 1965, when the only access to St. George Island was by ferry.  When the old Bryant Patton Bridge was completed in 1965 the two ferry boats were no longer needed and the harbor and dockage area was used for commercial and private fishing and boating. Eventually nature reclaimed the area and sand slowly filled in the deep water harbor as it lanquished in repose for years, watching the old bridge come down as the new one was completed in 2004. The final ‘blow’ came in 2005 when hurricane Dennis did a major rearrangement of the island sands and almost completely filled the access and the deep harbor basin. Since then the lovely harbor has fallen into disrepair and is no longer useful. But now Apalachicola Maritime Museum founder George Kirvin Floyd has plans to restore the St. George Island ferry boat basin to the working harborage it was in the mid-20th century. St. George Island will now have a new amenity to offer owners and visitors. To read more about Floyd’s plans go to the article in the Apalachicola Times: Read Article Here Read more about George Floyd and the Maritime Museum: Apalachicola Maritime Museum
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Stingray Season on St. George Island

I bet you have heard of the ‘tourist season’ and the ‘turtle nesting season’ and even the ‘hurricane season’ in Florida; but I bet you haven’t heard of the ‘Stingray Season’! Most of us haven’t, but if you live in or visit in Florida, and St. George Island is no exception, you should be armed with a few facts to avoid a painful encounter with a stingray. The stingray season on Florida beaches occurs between April and October, the very same months that tourists flock to the state for vacations. These shy, beautiful, and–quite large creatures migrate to the warmer shallow waters of the beaches to mate, give birth and to hide from sharks and bigger stingrays who would like to have them for lunch. During this time they can pose a danger to humans who may frighten them, causing a nasty sting, but if you are aware that these awesome creatures share the waters with you, you can shuffle your feet as you walk in the waters and avoid any mishaps. Florida Stingray Season Precautions Stingrays can also surprise unwary fishers who think they have a monster fish on their line (stingrays put up an great fight when caught) and reel […]
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Paddy’s Raw Bar on St. George Island

A new Raw Bar opened this month on St. George Island. And you heard about it saw the preview first  right here! For more information and directions visit Paddy’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paddysSGI  
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